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As a proud Hmong-owned adult day care center, we specialize in fostering meaningful connections within the community. Our dedicated team of Hmong staff and volunteers work hand in hand to craft unforgettable experiences for our participants. Everyone is welcome to join us in sharing their stories and making lasting memories through our inclusive adult day care programs.

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Services We Offer

Our Service is to provide safe, social and holistic care experience to our participants in the community based setting. We are dedicated to provide a cultural competent and an engaging environment that offers compassion to all adults and aging seniors with physical and cognitive needs. We assist our Participants with daily living activities while ensuring proper and personalized care that fit their culture.


We design our activities around our participants’ interests and abilities. We create customized programs based on individual and group activities, allowing everyone to be involved. Our participants engage in and enjoy activities such as:

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a welcoming and safe community for adults and the elderly. We’re here to provide services that support their well-being and make every day more enjoyable.

Our Goals


  • Promote the individual’s maximum level of independence
  • Maintain the individual’s present level of functioning as long as possible, preventing or delaying further deterioration
  • Provide support and respite to family and other care givers in continuing their care of the impaired person
  • Sustain impaired older adults by providing outlets and services to supplement essential self-care activities which they cannot manage for themselves
  • Foster socialization and peer interaction

Communities We Serve

We currently serve the following counties.